FFA Help Article
By Justin Borland

In just over nine months in SFI, I've been fortunate to have built a team of over 3000 people and be one of the top recruiters in SFI. I do not want to sound like I'm bragging. I'm just an average guy that put together some techniques that have worked for me and I've been successful at it.

One of the cheapest and most effective way to bring in new affiliates for me has been FFA Pages. I know alot of people have had not alot of success with them and I want to let everyone know why. When most people signup for an FFA page there autoresponding message is going out with hundreds of others at the same time. When you do this most people will mass delete the e-mails and your message will never be read. You have three options that work very well.

1) Collect the e-mails from the site.

2) Setup a delay so the messages go out a couple of days after they have posted your link.

3) Place your autoresponder in the body of your outgoing message.

The most effective way for me by far has been collecting the e-mails. There are several FFA site that let you do this. Just do a search for FFA pages in any searchengine and a bunch will pop up. What I do is I send my message out about two or three days after I've collected the e-mails. This way there is a better chance of getting my e-mail read. Also your headline make a huge difference. Constantly try different headlines and code all the lists you send out. This way you can track all your results. One more thing I always put a disclaimer at the top saying; " Thanks for posting your link on my FFA Page at http... please post again soon." If you fail to do this it can be considered SPAM and you don't want that to happen. I only send one message out and I always use a free e-mail address like hotmail when sending my messages out. This way I won't get my primary e-mail shutdown. I use Aureate group mail to send my messages out. There site is listed below.

Aureate Group Mail

The second way is to setup an autoresponder on your ffa page that will delay when you messages go out. I've never done it myself but I have heard they work quite well. If you know someone that is good at programming or knows some cgi they can set this up for you.

The last way is to setup an autoresponder in the body of your message. There are several autoresponders located in data resource center in the members area. This way the person will click on the autoresponder and receive more info from you. After that you can send a delayed message a couple of days later with more info. I don't reccomend sending 10 autoresonding messages out. That's too much and can be considered SPAM by some people. I would only send a couple and have a way for someone to remove themselves if they don't want to receive anymore e-mails from you.

I almost forgot one vital thing and that's getting hits to your FFA Page. You can either do it manually and search for all the databases to submit your site too or you can submit it to a great site I've found. Submitad.com will submit your site to over 200 databases for $10. This is a great deal and you will get tons of hits. Before you do this though make sure your FFA page will except submissions from databases. Some FFA pages out there won't let you do this. Well I hope this information has been informative and help you bring in tons of affiliates.

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