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Beginner's Guide to CGI Scripting with Perl

This page is designed to help novice programmers learn the Perl programming language. Specifically, it's designed to help them learn enough to run CGI scripts on a Unix Web server
[Added: 8-Oct-2000 | Hits: 2651 | Votes: 19]
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The source for computing and technology.
[Added: 4-Mar-2001 | Hits: 1827 | Votes: 8]
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Great site to learn html and JavaScript

This is a terrific site to visit if you are interested in learning how to code a web page, or increase your knowledge if you already know html. Dr. Joe Burns owns the site and is known nation-wide for his expertise in this area. Best part is, it's written so that normal folks can understand it. Check it out!
[Added: 16-Sep-2000 | Hits: 3392 | Votes: 14]
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Help For WEBTV Users

All You Need To Know!
[Added: 6-Oct-2001 | Hits: 1841 | Votes: 3]
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HTML and Web Authoring

[Added: 1-Nov-2000 | Hits: 2085 | Votes: 2]
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HTML Tutorial

Great teaching tool to learn HTML code.
[Added: 12-Sep-2000 | Hits: 2540 | Votes: 4]
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HTML Tutorials, Javascript and Web Design
[Added: 2-Apr-2001 | Hits: 1870 | Votes: 2]
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Power tools for your web site

Free tips for web site maintenance and design, optimize slow loading graphics, free meta tags generator, free newsletter. Search engine submission services and optimization, and more!
[Added: 6-May-2001 | Hits: 2239 | Votes: 2]
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The Essential Guide To Ghostwriting.

How To Make Money As A Ghostwriter - Step By Step Plan For Anyone Wanting To Use Their Writing Skills To Earn Money From Home.
[Added: 5-Dec-2009 | Hits: 1011 | Votes: 1]
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The Newbie Club

At last the mysteries of your PC and the Internet Explained, and the Magic revealed - in plain English.
[Added: 4-Mar-2001 | Hits: 2788 | Votes: 6]
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